What Twilight Taught Me


Okay, time for a confession. I was once a Twilight fan. I shudder simply thinking of that dark time in my life, I look back now questioning my own judgement. How could I have possibly liked Twilight? You may think I’m being a bit extreme, but I really dislike Twilight. Perhaps it was the naivety of my youth, or getting caught in the hype, a very dangerous thing indeed.

I’ve decided to look back at the series, and share just what Twilight taught me.
Firstly, Twilight taught me to love your boyfriend, that you must always be with your boyfriend, and that being apart from your boyfriend is horrible, repulsive and traumatic. That if you are ever to be separated from said boyfriend you must respond by crying uncontrollably for months on end.
Twilight also taught me to accept whatever the hell your boyfriend does and never ever argue. For example, if he were to remove a piece of your car engine because he doesn’t want you to go see someone, then that’s okay and you go back in your house no questions asked.
Twilight taught me to change everything about my life for the one I love, that I should let my boyfriend bite me, endure extreme physical pain just so I can transform into a vampire so we’re the same.
Twilight taught me to abandon my friends and family for the love of my boyfriend and his tight-knit family. Who needs friends when you’ve got a guy, am I right?
Twilight taught me to lead an innocent, extremely cute guy on because why the hell not? As soon as he considers moving on I need to do something to entice him back, because that’s just what girls should do.
Twilight taught me that no matter what a woman should rely on a man to save her and be her knight in shining armour. Why stand up for yourself when a man can do it for you?
So there are some of the things that Twilight taught me. I’d love to know what Twilight taught you! Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “What Twilight Taught Me

  1. To be honest, I'm not a Twilight fan. I can easily see why a teenager would like this series. But this is not a way to be treated by your boyfriend! It's too much for me 😀


  2. I will confess that I first read Twilight when I was 14. That means several things. One being that I was not mature enough to realize just how awful the messages were.

    All I saw was vampires and excitement.

    It wasn't until I reread them at 17 that I realized just all of the awful messages that were contained in those books.

    However, I don't think Twilight is alone in spreading those lessons. I think sadly enough a lot of the current new adult books share the same message, and yet I still enjoy them. 😦

    Great post!


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