What The Hunger Games Taught Me

I recently shared what Twilight taught me, and it seemed that a lot of people enjoyed that post (which you can read here), so I thought I’d continue on, this time focussing on The Hunger Games.

Now, before you prepare to kill me for knocking THG, let me just tell you that I live with two hardcore fans. My little brother and sister are OBSESSED with everything THG, and I feel that I know a freaking incredible about Panem, Katniss, and all the goings on. I like to remind my sister that I bought and read the THG books, even forcing her to read them way back when in 2010 (when I should have been revising for my GCSE’s, but let’s just forget about that).

The first thing The Hunger Games taught me is to at all times make sure to lead on two boys at the same time. Why have one when you can have two, right? If one of them looks like they might be getting the idea that you like the other more, then it’s time to pull out the big guns and kiss ’em silly. 
The Hunger Games taught me that when one of my best friends and companions through a whole bunch of messed up sh*t dies, I need to blink and forget about it, I mean if he never knew that his girl’s pregnant then that’s even better. Am I right?
The Hunger Games taught me that only when a boy moves on and starts hating on you should you realise that you love him. It doesn’t matter that he may even want to kill you, you’ve got to power through because you know he’s not himself. He loves you, he just doesn’t realise it. Yet.
The Hunger Games taught me to shout out “I volunteer. I volunteer as tribute” if my sister finds she has to do something she’d really rather not do. Also, if a teacher ever calls out ‘who wants to volunteer’, ding ding ding, stand up and let out your inner tribute. 
The Hunger Games taught me that cats always prefer the little sister, will attack you like a crazy beast but accept the food you give them (also speaking from experience).
The Hunger Games taught me that if no one is paying me any attention then I need to shoot at them, because that’s the only way to do it.
And finally, The Hunger Games taught me that the only thing stronger than fear is hope.
So there are some of the things that The Hunger Games taught me. I’d love to know what The Hunger Games taught you! Let me know in the comments!
May the odds be ever in your favour.

6 thoughts on “What The Hunger Games Taught Me

  1. hahaha I love these life lessons! I must have admit I have totally shouted 'I volunteer as tribute' to embarrass my sister whilst shopping!
    I did read these books and they were good just not great, I'm totally loving the films though! Very rare I like movie adaptations to books.
    Great Post!
    Your new GFC & Twitter follower,
    Cody @ Literary-ly Obsessed


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