What Paranormal Taught Me

I don’t know about you, but I was once a huge fan of Paranormal books. I fantasised about a fallen angel swooping in, acting all mysterious, and bringing me into a world of angels, were-creatures and demons. Now, this was a fair few years ago, round about the time I read Twilight, which was the start of it all. When I’m picking out books now I never even glance towards the Paranormal section, Fantasy and Contemporary have taken a hold of my heart, although I have learned quite a bit from my Paranormal past!

This is not my first Taught Me post, my first was What Twilight Taught Me which you can read here, and was pretty popular! My other Taught Me posts are the Hunger Games and Dystopian, so go ahead and read them to see what else books have taught me! And feel free to comment and share what they’ve taught you too!

Paranormal taught me that the only love interests worth your time are some form of paranormal being, whether that be a fallen angel, vampire, werewolf, or zombie. Don’t bother looking at ordinary or mundane human beings!

Paranormal taught me that it’s completely acceptable for a boy to treat you like crap. It’s okay if he disappears for days or weeks on end and never explains why! If he lies and ignores you that is a-okay! At the end of the day Mr Gorgeous and Mysterious saved your life, and in the words of the little green guys in Toy Story, you are eternally grateful.

Paranormal taught me that anything odd or peculiar can be explained away by the presence of paranormal beings. Run super fast? You’re related to were-creatures. Have an odd recognition of a boy and weird things happen to you? You’re in love and both cursed. Super human strength? Gurlll, they’re fallen angels or vampires!

Paranormal taught me that the best guys will often ignore you and avoid you completely, usually after we get all romantic and start really falling for them, but it’s not because they’re dicks or anything like that! Oh no! It’s for your protection, of course!

Paranormal taught me that any female that’s dating, has dated, or looks like they want to date the guy you like is evil purely due to one or all of those factors.

Paranormal taught me that by simply dating a guy you can change him from being rude,  arrogant and a jerk. All character flaws can be changed by simply dating you! Who knew!?

That’s it for what Paranormal taught me! One big thing I noticed when compiling this list was the complete lack of LGBTQ relationships present in any of the books I was using for reference. If you have any recommendations of diverse books please let me know! And add in the comments what Paranormal taught you!


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