The Opposite of You by Rachel Higginson | Release Day


This beautiful book is released today!

I spoke about this book in a Wishlist Wednesday post in February, which you can read here. I explained why I was so excited to read The Opposite of You in this post, and today you can grab your hands on it and start reading! I was fortunate enough to be sent an ARC by Rachel for review, and I’m currently reading and really enjoying the book! Expect a review soon!

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Wishlist Wednesday | The Opposite of You by Rachel Higginson

This week’s Wishlist Wednesday post is spotlighting one book, I have a load of Pop’s and no real room for more, I have a lot of books that I need to read so I’m not buying anymore until I read a couple I already have, and there’s nothing I’m really after aside from more space for bookcases, but that’s something that I can magic myself. If you want to see my previous Wishlist Wednesday posts then head over to the page dedicated to them which has a rundown of my posts and a little explanation about Wishlist Wednesday.

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The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You | Blog Tour | Review | Excerpt

     Title: The Only Thing Worse 

     Than Me Is You

      Author: Lily Anderson

     Release Date: May 17th, 2016

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, this does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review in any way.

Description from Goodreads:
Trixie Watson has two very important goals for senior year: to finally save enough to buy the set of Doctor Who figurines at the local comic books store, and to place third in her class and knock Ben West – and his horrendous new moustache that he spent all summer growing – down to number four.

Trixie will do anything to get her name ranked over Ben’s, including give up sleep and comic books – well, maybe not comic books – but definitely sleep. After all, the war of Watson v. West is as vicious as the Doctor v. Daleks and Brownouts v. Alliance combined, and it goes all the way back to the infamous monkey bars incident in the first grade. Over a decade later, it’s time to declare a champion once and for all.

The war is Trixie’s for the winning, until her best friend starts dating Ben’s best friend and the two are unceremoniously dumped together and told to play nice. Finding common ground is odious and tooth-lullingly-painful, but Trixie and Ben’s cautious truce slowly transforms into a fandom-based tentative friendship. When Trixie’s best friend gets expelled for cheating and Trixie cries foul play, however, they have to choose who to believe and which side they’re on – and they might not pick the same side.

I usually always like Young Adult contemporary romances, they’re the kind of books that are just super enjoyable to read! The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You was no exception! While it contained many elements of YA contemporaries that I love, high school, a love-hate relationship, drama and scandal, The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You had so much additional geeky nerd and I loved it!! The Messina Academy for the Gifted is no ordinary high school, every pupil is a super genius which made for a very interesting read!

We follow a group of really nerdy characters, they’re into comics, and fandoms, and all things sic-fi. I loved reading the references to the nerdy world, I’m a bit of a nerd myself, so I guess you could say that I bonded with the characters through the nerdiness. I liked pretty much all of the characters in the book, their relationships and group dynamic were really enjoyable to read. I didn’t get the feeling that any of the relationships were annoyingly cheesy or so ridiculous that they’d only be possible in fiction. The friendships all seemed realistic, yet they had a little extra something that made them stand out from the real world.

The main romantic relationship in The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You was between Trixie and Ben, enemies since an infamous monkey bar incident, so of course we have a love-hate relationship going on! I have to admit that I really enjoy a love-hate relationship, there’s always so much tension and it’s so enjoyable to read. Lily Anderson has Trixie and Ben throwing insults at each other left, right and centre, they aren’t the usual high school jabs that many have probably experienced, these are intelligent, intellectually referenced slanders, and boy were they entertaining!

The development from hate to not-hate wasn’t a particularly natural progression between Trixie and Ben, I don’t want to say too much and give away any spoilers, but the change in their respective outlooks on each other required some outside information. This was honestly one of the only areas of the novel that I had issue with, honestly I saw through and predicted what was going on, and don’t particularly understand how so-called geniuses didn’t see it too? So yes that edge of predictability was a slight annoyance to an otherwise very enjoyable book.

I mentioned earlier that the characters are nerds, Trixie reads comics and makes so many nerdy references throughout the novel. I have to say I enjoyed all references to all things Marvel, DC, Doctor Who and Sherlock, I might not be a huge comic girl myself, but I do love superheroes! One line that caught my attention in particular, and made me love Trixie a little more was this;

And the dead sexiness of Tom Hiddleston

I freaking love Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki, in my opinion he is significantly better than Thor! I’m also happy to admit that in general I really do like Tom Hiddleston and could not agree with the quote more!

I really enjoyed The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You, I started reading it on my Kindle app to kill time, and then spent my Sunday lounging in the sun in the garden finishing off the book! I haven’t been reading an awful lot recently but I’m really glad I finished and enjoyed The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You!

About the Author

Lily Anderson is an elementary school librarian and Melvil Dewey fangirl with an ever-growing collection of musical theatre tattoos and Harry Potter ephemera. She lives in North California. The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You is her debut novel.

‘The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You’ by Lily Anderson
4 Stars

Someday Beach by Jill Sanders | Book Blitz | Giveaway and Excerpt

Someday Beach by Jill Saunders
(Grayton Series #2)
Published: 19th May 2015

Description from Goodreads:
Shelley has always dreamed of going back to Surf Breeze. When she finally sets out on her own and buys a run down building along the popular boardwalk, she hires a sexy, but annoying contractor to help her turn it into her dream boutique. What she hadn’t counted on was finding herself slowly changing with her surroundings. Fighting against an overbearing family, she’ll learn to not only follow her own dreams, but stand up for something she believes in.

Marcus has been waiting his whole life for a woman who could see through the horrors he’d been through as a child, and the humour he uses to mask it all. Now that he’s found her, he’s not quite sure what comes next.
Goodreads | Amazon | B&N


“You’ve got a nice space here.” He looked out at her view. The boardwalk was below them and he watched for a moment as people strolled by. Beyond that was a long strip of beach and then the emerald water. It was a calm day and barely any waves rippled the water, which made it look green for as far as the eye could see.
He turned and noticed that some soft strands of her blonde hair had fallen around her face. She had either forgotten to put on makeup that morning or had very little on. Her skin looked so soft, he itched to reach out and touch it. His eyes roamed over her and he couldn’t deny the sudden and powerful tug he got from looking at her curves. She was taller than most women he’d dated. He gauged her height around five-eight. The old jeans she was wearing were snug in all the right places, making him wish he could run his hands over those long legs.
When she turned her eyes toward him, catching him in his assessment of her, he couldn’t stop the smile.
“Beautiful view,” he said, softly.

About The Author

Jill Sanders is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Pride Series, Secret Series and West Series romance novels. Having sold over 150,000 books within 6 months of her first release, she continues to lure readers with her sweet and sexy stories. Her books are available in every English speaking country, audiobooks, and are now being translated to six different languages.
Born as an identical twin to a large family, she was raised in the Pacific Northwest, later relocating to Colorado for college and a successful IT career before discovering her talent as a writer. She now makes her home along the emerald coast in Florida where she enjoys the beach, hiking, swimming, wine-tasting, and of course writing.

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The Hooker and the Hermit by L.H. Cosway & Penny Reid | Review

Description from Goodreads:

Annie Catrel, social media expert extraordinaire at Davidson &Croft Media and clandestine celebrity blogger, can make anyone shine in the court of public opinion. She is the Socialmedialite, anonymous creator of New York’s Finest and the internet’s darling. Virtual reality is Annie’s forte, but actual reality? Not so much.


Ronan Fitzpatrick, aka the best hooker the world of rugby has seen in decades, despises the media – social or otherwise. The press has spun a web of lies depicting him as rugby’s wild and reckless bad boy. Suspended from his team, Ronan has come to Manhattan to escape the drama, lay low, fly under the radar. Only, Ronan isn’t easy to overlook, and he can’t escape the notice of the Socialmedialite…


When Ronan is sent to Davidson & Croft Media to reshape his public image, he never expects to cross paths with shy but beautiful Annie, nor does he expect his fierce attraction to her. He couldn’t be happier when her boss suggests pairing them together.
What lengths will Annie take to keep her virtual identity concealed? And what happens when the hooker discovers who the hermit really is?

The Hooker and the Hermit was featured in last week’s Feature and Follow Friday post, check that out here for my first thoughts on the book!
In the first impression review it was pretty clear that I was enjoying the book, both characters were hilarious. Seriously, I was laughing quite a lot while reading this. I’m not the kind of person that laughs at just about anything in a book, so for a book to make me laugh it must be something special. Therefore, the amount of laughing was a pleasant surprise. 
when I laugh I snort like the love child of a pig and an alligator
Annie is socially awkward and extremely shy, so naturally she falls for the famous Rugby player and has to pretend to be his girlfriend. Ronan is Irish, and gorgeous. He’s funny and charming and a bad boy. He’s everything you could ask for in a male love interest.
Basically, if Ronan was a member of a boy band, say One Direction, he’d be the Harry Styles. He was far too gorgeous and lusted after to be trusted to stay faithful, not to be stolen or have his head turned by the next sexy young thing who came along.
That’s another thing I really liked about The Hooker and the Hermit, the references to popular culture that just worked. From Frozen to Taylor Swift, they were relevant and funny.
Ronan is a man who knows his own mind and what he wants. Naturally, he wants Annie, all of her, for himself. He’s not the kind of guy to share and he wants Annie to be all in. But that’s not the kind of person that Annie is, she’s made her way through life not trusting others, relying only on herself. Maybe they’re an unlikely match, but they did work well together. They challenged each other, and Ronan pushed Annie out of her comfort zone. 
Annie not only had the job that introduced her to Ronan, she was also the author of a very popular blog, in which she was a much more confident version of herself. She keeps this secret part of her life hidden, I understand why didn’t want the public to know, but there came a point when she should have told Ronan. It was around about this point that I lost a little bit of patience with Annie. She reacted badly. Really badly. I don’t want to go into too much detail, no one likes a spoiler. I will say that I thought Annie’s reaction was over the top and honestly slightly pathetic. I get that her character was shy and vulnerable, but come on! It just started going too far.
Aside from that one thing that happened towards the end of The Hooker and the Hermit, I really enjoyed the book. Have you read The Hooker and the Hermit? Let me know what you thought in the comments!
The Hooker and the Hermit’ by L. H. Cosway and Penny Reid
4 Stars

First Impression Friday | Southern Perfection by Casey Peeler

First Impression Friday is a weekly feature created here at Alexandra Florence Books. I’ve been finding that what I think about a book changes a lot from beginning to end, so I thought it would be really fun to share my first impressions of a book, and hopefully read yours too! If you want to join in  all you have to do is link your First Impression Friday in the linky, grab the picture, and make sure you link back to me!

Southern Perfection by Casey Peeler
So far I’m not so sure about this book. I like the storyline so far, I don’t have a problem with that at all. My issue comes with the actual writing. It feels immature.
Rae is a really hardworking character, she lost her parents at a really young age so her Grandpa her is her world. She helps at their farm, works really hard at school and she’s a cheerleader. So of course all the boys are interested, would it be contemporary romance if they weren’t? 
There seems to be a lot of repetition going on in Southern Perfection. There’s a split narrative between Rae and Emmett, which I have no problems with, I rather enjoy a split narrative. However, something happens in Rae’s narrative, and then what do you know, we’re hearing all about it again in Emmett’s. Not something I particularly appreciate.
So that’s all been going on, and all the while the style of writing has been bugging me. The characters are coming off really young, I mean younger than they are young. And it’s a shame, because I really like Rae and Emmett so far.
I’m going to keep persisting with Southern Perfection because I’m liking the story, hopefully those couple annoying things will pass!
What are you currently reading? Let me know in the comments!


Make Me Up by Avery Flynn | Review

Description from Goodreads:

Former special ops turned private investigator Cam Hardy leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. He’s all charm and sex appeal, and who can blame him for putting it to good use? Besides, it works damn well on the stunning and tough-as-nails makeup artist Drea Sanford. Only this time, Cam may be in over his head…

Drea is trying to keep her naughty affair with Cam a secret. After all, he’s Harbour City’s version of a Casanova… if Casanova had a motorcycle. When Cam makes their hot little liaison known to the public, however, Drea vows never to have sex with him again. Then one of her clients turns up dead. Now Drea is suspect number one – and she needs Cam’s help. But sleeping with him is one thing…trusting him is quite another.

Make Me Up was featured in last week’s First Impression Friday post which you can read here.
To begin with I wanted a little more time before everything went down, but I quickly regrouped and carried on reading. And I’m glad I did. The more you read Make Me Up the more you get to know the characters and the more you like them.
Drea is a confident, independent woman who takes care of herself. And I really like that about, I can’t stand female characters that are really weak and dependent on men. Avery Flynn definitely moved away from that mold when creating Drea. It’s the simple things about Drea that I liked, she wanted the relationship private and ended it when she didn’t like where things were going, she worked hard to make herself the most popular makeup artist in Harbour City. Drea isn’t just a makeup artist, oh no, the girl’s passionate! Which obviously means there were some quote worthy moments!
“But then I realised makeup’s real power. I could highlight someone’s features and it would turn on a light inside them. I wasn’t helping them hide or conform to some bullshit beauty standard or whatever. I was giving them a way to express their inner personality. When a woman feels confident, it changes how she interacts with the world.”
Got to love that quote.
Drea wasn’t the only character in Make Me Up though, Cam was a dreamboat if ever there was one. He’s the ultimate playboy bad-boy with a dark past, he rides a motorbike, he’s over six feet, he’s gorgeous and blonde. He does absolutely everything he can to protect Drea, because he slowly starts to realise that he loves her. And I loved seeing that happen.
The police are not the only ones after Cam and Drea in Make Me Up, Avery Flynn added a little extra action in the form of the City’s crime lord. This definitely spiced things up a little bit and made the novel stand out from its counterparts.
Make Me Up was a really enjoyable book, I’m really glad that I bought it! Have you read Make Me Up? Let me know what you thought in the comments!
Make Me Up’ by Avery Flynn
4 Stars