What Paranormal Taught Me

I don’t know about you, but I was once a huge fan of Paranormal books. I fantasised about a fallen angel swooping in, acting all mysterious, and bringing me into a world of angels, were-creatures and demons. Now, this was a fair few years ago, round about the time I read Twilight, which was the start of it all. When I’m picking out books now I never even glance towards the Paranormal section, Fantasy and Contemporary have taken a hold of my heart, although I have learned quite a bit from my Paranormal past!

This is not my first Taught Me post, my first was What Twilight Taught Me which you can read here, and was pretty popular! My other Taught Me posts are the Hunger Games and Dystopian, so go ahead and read them to see what else books have taught me! And feel free to comment and share what they’ve taught you too!

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What Dystopian Taught Me

I recently shared What Twilight Taught Me, and it seemed pretty damn popular, so I followed with a What The Hunger Games Taught Me. I enjoyed writing these posts so much that I couldn’t resit continuing, this time with the good old Dystopian genre! I’m planning on continuing the What It Taught Me series, so let me know which genre you’d be interested in next!
Me and Dystopian books had a serious love affair a year or two ago, kicked off by one trilogy you may have heard of, The Hunger Games. Suzanne Collins kickstarted an epic relationship that saw me devouring a crazy amount of Dystopian books. Through my pretty extensive reading of the genre I thought I’d share just what it taught me!

Firstly, Dystopian books taught me that if I’m an unimportant teen girl then I’ll end up the leader of whatever rebellion, uprising or revolution is taking place, I probably won’t want to be, but it will happen regardless.
Dystopian books taught me I will almost always have boys fighting over me, there will be a love triangle, and I won’t know who to choose, so I’ll lead them both along for as I please.
Dystopian books taught me that my family probably have some seriously dark secrets, secrets that probably relate to my new position within the rebellion.
Dystopian books taught me that the world I’ll be living in is probably some version of  war-torn, environmentally wrecked America. And as far as I’m concerned, no other countries exist.
Dystopian books taught me that my family and friends are the most important things to me, that my own life is less important than theirs, so everything I do is for them and their safety.
And finally, Dystopian books taught me that there is always a bad guy, that the bad guy is probably in power that they need to be taken down, and of course, I’m the only one who can do it.
SO there are some of the things that Dystopian books taught me, I’d love to know what Dystopian books taught you! Let me know in the comments!