What Paranormal Taught Me

I don’t know about you, but I was once a huge fan of Paranormal books. I fantasised about a fallen angel swooping in, acting all mysterious, and bringing me into a world of angels, were-creatures and demons. Now, this was a fair few years ago, round about the time I read Twilight, which was the start of it all. When I’m picking out books now I never even glance towards the Paranormal section, Fantasy and Contemporary have taken a hold of my heart, although I have learned quite a bit from my Paranormal past!

This is not my first Taught Me post, my first was What Twilight Taught Me which you can read here, and was pretty popular! My other Taught Me posts are the Hunger Games and Dystopian, so go ahead and read them to see what else books have taught me! And feel free to comment and share what they’ve taught you too!

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What Twilight Taught Me


Okay, time for a confession. I was once a Twilight fan. I shudder simply thinking of that dark time in my life, I look back now questioning my own judgement. How could I have possibly liked Twilight? You may think I’m being a bit extreme, but I really dislike Twilight. Perhaps it was the naivety of my youth, or getting caught in the hype, a very dangerous thing indeed.

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