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I am currently accepting requests.
My preferred format is a physical book, I love to be able to hold a book and flick through the pages, but I also accept eBooks. I accept ARCs, ebooks and print copies of books from authors and publishers. By receiving your book I am not guaranteeing I will read and review it, especially if it is outside of my genre preference. Please be aware that all reviews will contain my honest opinion.
To request a review please email me at

I currently publish my reviews on my blog and on Goodreads. I will also publish a review on Amazon upon request. If I receive an eBook through NetGalley then I will also submit a review through their website.

Preferred Genres

Young Adult
New Adult
Science Fiction

Genres I Don’t Review


Rating System

No Hearts – This means I did not finish the book, need I say more?
1 Heart – It was bad, my feelings are extremely negative verging on hatred. I regret spending time (and possibly money) on this book.
2 Hearts – It was okay, not the worst thing I’ve ever read, but definitely not the best.
3 Hearts – It was fine, neither here nor there. It didn’t offend me but I’m not filled with love.
4 Hearts – Pretty incredible but missing a little something something. 
5 Hearts – Fan-freaking-tastic awesomeness. The book I’d re-read, make my sister read, make my friends reads, make my Granma read.
Disclaimer: I am an Amazon Associate. If you purchase a book through a link in my blog I will get a small commission.