What I’m Planning To Read This Christmas

I have not sat down and read a book in the longest time, I got Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them on release day and it’s still just sitting on my bookcase. In fact, I’ve had quite a few new books recently that I’m really excited to read but I just have not felt like reading, which has not been helped by the fact I’ve been incredibly busy these past two months. I had to make the very sad decision to lower my Goodreads Reading Goal once again, because there was simply no way I was going to manage to read 75 books by the end of December, considering that to this day I have only read 35.
But my Christmas break is right around the corner, and so help me God I will be reading, although my break is looking like it’s shaping up to be pretty busy too! This list is for myself as much as it is a sharing of what I’m going to read with all of my fellow bookworms. The way I see it, if I put it in a list, on the internet no less, then I am definitely more likely to get (at least some of) these books read! I would also absolutely love for you to share with me what you’re planning on reading this Christmas, I love nothing more than finding new books that people recommend and adding them to my wish list! So please share what you’re wanting to read, whether that be writing the books in a comment, or adding a link to your own post in the comments!

I want Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them to be a book that I just sit down and read in as close to one sitting as possible. So although my copy arrived on publication day I’ve put off reading it until I’ll be able to blitz it. I’m excited to read and watch this, and see what I think of the American wizzarding world.

I’ve been anticipating this book for quite a while, and it’s been sat on my bookcase for too long. I am excited to read this book, but as I said, I’ve been really busy lately and not had much time to read at all. I’m looking forward to reading this book, hopefully with chocolate, next to the fire with my doggy curled up next to me.

 I have owned this book for an embarrassingly long time considering it has quite simply spent it’s time looking pretty on my shelf. I’ve heard amazing things about this and I want to read it, the amount of time I’ve had it suggests I need to read it!

Sometimes I just want a New Adult novel to enjoy, Smut is the book I’ll be picking up when I’m craving New Adult. I heard about this book on booktube and have since downloaded it on my Kindle, hopefully it’ll be a quicker read and will up my 2016 reading total!

That’s a list of the main books I’m hoping to read over Christmas. I hope to be reading these along with a few other books too! As I have already mentioned I would love to know what books you’re hoping to read this holiday period, so please let me know in the comments!

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Book Organisation | Feature and Follow Friday

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Every week two bloggers are featured, and this week I’m lucky enough to be one!! You can only imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I woke up to find an email telling me that I was going to be one of the featured bloggers! If you want to find out my answers to the questions then head on over to Parajunkee’s View!

This Week’s Question

How do you organise your books? Either at home or on your reading-device, or on your bookish platform like Goodreads.
Well, on my bookcase I organise books alphabetically by author, I’m pretty serious about my bookcase organisation and I’ve been known to spend the better part of a day sorting it out. I put books that I need to read haphazardly on top of the beautifully placed books that I have read, that way they’re visible and easy to grab.
My Kindle has no such organisation. The books are supposedly in the order I read them, although a lot of the time I’ll click on a book to check a highlighted passage and move it up the order. The books that I haven’t read on my Kindle just float around and occasionally I’ll go through and bring them all to the front, but I hate to admit that doesn’t happen that often.
I honestly feel that my Goodreads organisation is below par. I’ve got the standard Read, TBR and Currently Reading. But then there’s the option to create lots and lots of your own custom bookshelves. At first I found this quite daunting, and I didn’t really want to sully what I thought was a perfectly okay system. Boy, was I wrong. I’ve created bookshelves for my favourite genres, New Adult, Young Adult and Dystopian, along with high school college romance, cowboys and the south, modern day fairytale and favourites. I like splitting books into these shelves because then I can use the Goodreads recommendation tool and find books similar to the ones that I’ve liked on these shelves. I break up from uni really soon and I’m probably going to end up dedicating a day to a Goodreads organisation overhaul. TBR shelf, I’m looking at you.
How do you organise your books? Let me know in the comments!